Magnum Capelet #1

This is the original top down Magnum Capelet I designed for the store. When you're feeling that little bit of chill and a jacket or sweater are too much these capelets are fantastic! 

Kids version included in pattern. One skein will make one each of the sizes with very little yarn left. The smaller one fits 24-30mo's & the larger fits 4-6yo's.

 Yarn: 1 skein of Cascade Magnum (123yds; 2 if more length is needed)
#19 24" circular needles; #17 24" for the kids version.
Gauge: 1.5sts = 1"; kids version 2sts = 1"

Available as a PDF download. $6.50


  1. Do you have a crochet version of this capelet? so cute!

  2. I'm trying to make crochet versions of some of my patterns... I'll add this to the list! ;)

  3. beautiful capelet! do you use circular or two needles?

  4. Thanks Mimi! You'll need circular needles.

  5. Can this pattern be done on 32 inch circulars?

  6. Hi Andrea, the problem with a 32" is that when you decrease at the neck section the stitches can get a little tight around the needle. You can try but just know it might be tight for a couple rounds. Hope this helps!


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