the Collar (crochet)

Another request via etsy today, this time for a crochet version of the Collar. This is a super simple crochet project, perfect for teaching a newbie increasing and with a fat hook & chunky yarn it works up super fast!

I used leftover Magnum from my stash, probably 1 skein worth (123yds) 200yds at the most. 
A size J for the buttonhole & finishing. For the collar itself the hook I used wasn't sized. Measuring it the shaft is 2” around. If 1” = 25.4mm that’s a big hook! Lion Brand makes an S hook and this site: Jenkins Woodworking makes U & V hooks or use whatever size will give you 1.25sts = 1"
Double Crochet

Unlike the knit version that casts on the outer edge and works in towards the neck; the crochet version starts with the buttonhole/neck edge and works out.
 The finished neck measurement not including the button loop is 16".

Using a size J hook chain 8 or 9 (depending on the button size) and join with a slip stitch. This is the button hole. Change to the larger hook and chain 28 (@ 17" slightly pulled). Chain more if you need a larger neck opening. I found the finished neck size is an inch shorter than the measurement of the starting chain. Starting in the 3rd ch from the hook work 3 DC's into each stitch 10 times; then work 4 DC into each stitch 5 times; work 3 DC's into each stitch to end (10x's). 

Note: for a more ruffled look work 4 or 5 DC's into each stitch. 

Ch 2 and turn; DC across working 2 DC's into the first & last stitches. Repeat this row once more. Collar should measure @5"; for a wider collar repeat last row until desired width.Weave in ends, attach a button and enjoy!

This collar, like the knit version was created with adults in mind. It's a little big on my model here so if you're making it for a child make adjustments according to their neck size.


  1. Hi - I'm so happy to stumble accross your fantastic blog.
    Your photos are also brilliant - helped I'm sure by such a fab model!

  2. Love the collar!!! The models are beautiful!


  3. i found this on the collar is just so cool. so big, so bold and on the kids, it's just amazing.
    thanks so much for sharing this!


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