the Babydoll

The yarn used for the Babydoll is one I wouldn't have chosen myself, Lynn at Knit 1 in Chicago sent it to me and while I was a little stuck at first with what to do I ended up really loving it. This is a yarn that could easily look wooly mammoth if you're not careful but in keeping the stitches loose so you can see the little tufts there's an airiness that keeps it looking & feeling light.

Worked from the top down, the size is generous to fit most (laid flat and measuring the front at the underarm @26” across; measured at the bottom @30” across) with adjustments for petit or extra large sizes noted.

Knit using 3.5 Skeins of Schulana Rodeo (a kid mohair, merino, polymide blend) 383yds and a #19 24" circular with a gauge of 1.5-2sts = 1” (because of the little tufts of wool w/in the yarn there’s a half inch variance in the gauge) it's a pretty quick knit. 

I would rate this pattern as easy since the techniques used are casting on w/ 2 needles, knitting in the round using circular needles and using M1 (make one) the lifted bar increase for the increases.

The things I ended up loving about this piece are: the neckline, wide and open; it's lightweight and it's versatile worn belted or loose, with leggings or jeans; maybe a long sleeve shirt or just a cammy this is a piece you can throw on and go.

Available as PDF download. $6.50


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