2 in 1 sock KAL part 4: the heel part 2

Hard to tell this heel has been turned!

 This photo showing the heel is from the 1st pair I knit. 

 Not quite there with the pair I'm currently knitting.

Now for turning the heel. I'm using the "conventional heel" that Elizabeth Zimmerman talks about in "Knitting Without Tears" for my socks. For the sample pictured here I'll work half of the heel flap (6 sts each for the inner & outer sock) then I'm going to SSK, K1 and turn which is impossible to do without connecting your socks so let's rearrange some stitches.

With a cable needle or an extra DPN slip the outer sock st and hold in front and slip the next inner sock stitch to the right hand needle.
Slip the next outer sock st to the extra DPN and put the inner sock st back onto the left hand needle.

Now either put the 2 outer sock sts back onto the left hand needle or work the stitches off of the extra DPN but work the SSK, K1 for each sock in the usual way; meaning work the outer sock first, move the working yarn to the front then work the inner sock.

Now turn the work so the Purl side is facing you.

P2 in the usual way, P2tog, P1, turn.

For P2tog we have to arrange the stitches again. This time the inner sock sts are slipped off onto a DPN. Then the outer sock sts are slipped onto the right hand needle, put the next inner sock st onto the DPN.

Take the outer sock sts from the right hand needle and put it back onto the left hand needle and again either put the inner sock sts back onto the right hand needle and work a P2tog or work a P2tog off of the extra DPN. P1 in the usual way, turn.

I'm thinking if you're trying this you've made socks before? If you have you've turned a heel or two and know to work back and forth in this manner until you've reached the heel-flap edges ending on a knit row. If you haven't, always decrease at the gap SSK on a K side & P2tog on a P side caused by the previous rows turn, then K or P 1 st before turning. Just remember to rearrange the stitches so 2 sts for the same sock are next to each other before trying to decrease.

I was going to go onto picking up stitches along the heel-flap but looking at this post I think there's enough information to absorb for now! Again, if there are any questions feel free to ask.

Next week shaping the gusset for the instep.

And thanks for the supportive comments & emails regarding our dog... very much appreciated!


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