the mini Magnum Capelet #1

When faced with having to get a last minute birthday gift for my daughters friend I decided to rework the Magnum Capelet #1 to fit the little ones.

I wasn't sure how much yarn I needed but knew I wouldn't need a full skein (123yds of Magnum by Cascade). Since I have a lot of partial skeins of Magnum I thought I would cast on and see what happened... it helps the capelet is worked top down.  I'm not sure how much yarn in the above color combo I used but it felt like it was just over half a skein.

My daughter really liked the capelet and with her birthday only a couple of days later I wanted to make her one too. I just happened to have a full skein of Magnum in purple (her favorite color) so it  gave me a chance to better gauge the amount of yarn I would use.

I had less than half a skein left when I finished. I was really hoping I would be able to get 2 out of the one skein knowing her sister would want one but after seeing it on her I didn't like the way it looked.

It was a bit big. 
I cast on with the remaining purple Magnum to see if I could squeeze another one out of it...

and was happy to find that with the remaining yarn I got yet a smaller version that is more proportionate for a 2 1/2 year old.

Available as a PDF download. $6.50

Finally, Happy Birthday to my big girl!


  1. Love your mini capelet -- happy birthday to your little one!

  2. that is such a clever idea!! She looks adorable in it.

  3. Happy birthday to the big girl! And a pony ride too, she must have been over the moon with joy.

  4. Mia's favorita color is purple as well:)


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