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Here's another piece using yarns from the BagSmith that I sent to Stitches East last week.

Big Stitch Bundle is made up of 6 different yarns (@88yds each) bundled together with most of them being hand dyed together so all 6 yarns match though the Big Stitch Bundle I used for the shoulders, collar & bottom section has the same tone throughout. Then for the open work in the body section I used the BagSmith's Blissa Bling an alpaca/merino with a metallic thread running through that I loved working with. It's the same fiber content as the Blissa so it's super soft!


Available as a PDF download. $6.50

It's Halloween time so in our house it's the constant trying on and adjusting of the Purple Princess costumes.
My girls love to layer! Whatever is purple and sparkly gets put on and while working the BagSmith's booth at Vogue Knitting Live I noticed this purple silk ribbon yarn with sparkly bows and knew I had to get it for them. It's from Pagewood Farms, is called Paparazzi and has the right yardage for a little capelet to wear over their purple capes.

this is how it looked before blocking

This little piece also gave me a chance to try out the "Block n Roll" another BagSmith item I picked up at Vogue Knitting Live. 

The Block n Roll is a padded 38"x50" teflon coated cotton blocking mat that rolls up to store away in your closet and weighs a mere pound! We pinned the piece down, put a wet press cloth to it then steamed it and when I was too impatient to wait for it to dry I took a hair dryer to it. It worked beautifully! I highly recommend getting one of these!

I really stretched this thing out as you can see in the post blocking pic. Blocking with an iron really flattened it as well.

But it's a perfect little layering piece for a Purple Princess.

Here it is on a test run.


  1. Wow, that vest is so cool looking. The different yarns together work really well!
    Is 51 years old too old to be a purple princess? Yeah, probably. But it sure looks great on your little princesses.
    Does that yarn have the little bows in it already?
    Yet again, great designs!!

  2. I love how you work bulky yarns. Your vest although made out of bulky yarn looks light knitted in that open fabric - it works well !

    Your purple princess is SO cute !!! ..she looks rather chuffed in her costume :D I too have a Halloween party to attend this week, but I certainly won't be looking as cute as that. Nice job with all you made !


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