Sometimes I just want to cast on and start knitting without thinking about how it will translate into a pattern. I want a break from my knitting "work" and just knit for the love of it.

It started last month when I was trying to downsize my stash and found these 2 colors of Pastaza by Cascade that I had left over from when I owned the shop Knit 1 in Chicago. Whenever Cascade would discontinue a color of a yarn I liked I would buy a bag having no idea what I would do with it but knowing I would use it someday... too many of those bags laying around!
So when I was going through my yarn and saw these two colors together it made me think of a 60's ski sweater and I knew I had to make something sporty.

I'm happy with how it turned out although I really need to block it (I want the body & sleeves a little bit longer.) And while it looks pretty simple because of the garter stitch, the construction of it (the top) is involved and is a little bit more than I want to translate right now... even though I did take notes.
That being said I'm sure at some point I'll write the pattern (next year). If you're an experienced knitter who is comfortable with minimal instruction and would like to try making it email me, I'm more than happy to share my notes.


  1. That is super cute!!!

    I love it!

  2. Looks great Karen. I love the sleeve length and the colors used. Another beautiful creation!


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