the (crochet) Montreal

I received more yarn from the Montreal based Illimani Yarn for my latest offering... the crochet version of the Montreal. I'm loving this yarn, so very luxurious!

Crocheted using a Q (16mm) hook in Half Double Rib with edgings and collar in Single Crochet through the back loop, this is a fairly easy pattern that works up quickly (do I say that about all my patterns lol!)

The size shown here is a large and used 13 skeins of Cadena I (100g 45m/49yds) by Illimani. This yarn is unbelievably soft and has an excellent drape (I'm repeating myself again) which is perfect for this type of piece.

The Montreal is worked from sleeve edge to sleeve edge in one piece with the collar and bottom edging picked up and worked off of the main body. There are only 2 increases in the whole sweater, so I would rate this for an advanced beginner on up.

Here's a picture of the knit version. This shows the small size (the small size has the same dimensions for both knit and crochet).

I've seen both sizes on many different body types and they both look great!

This shows the beginnings of the Half Double Rib, it may seem daunting at first, but this stitch pattern is super simple and has a great look!

Available as a PDF download. $6.50

OK, I know I've probably said it too many times to count BUT the next post you see here will be the crochet version of the Swing Coat! I'm currently getting the pattern ready for the tech editor so... stay tuned! :D

And Happy Mother's Day to all out there who mother someone or something! 
My mom, always on my mind :)


  1. Hi! This is a beautiful design. I was attracted by its simplicity and admittedly its name. Montreal is such a great city.

    I attempted this vest in a super bulky wool (Cascades Lana Grande) but it turned out short and boxy versus the elegant drape that is pictured. I think that given the difference in drape/texture between alpaca and wool, this pattern in best suited for alpaca. I'll give it another try with another yarn.

    1. Hi, I'm glad you wrote! You bring up such a good point that I think many crocheters and knitters don't think about when substituting yarns. I know Lana Grande and while it's a nice yarn it doesn't have that added weight alpaca has. I use a lot of Cascade's Magnum but there are some designs I won't use it for for that reason you pointed out, like 'the Day Coat'. It would look nice, it just doesn't have the same drape. But then I wouldn't use an alapa on my Reversible Vest because of the drape, Magnum or Lana Grande are better suited. If you do make it again use an alpaca blend if you use 100% alpaca it's too heavy and will drag too much. Thanks again for writing! Karen

  2. I would like to try making this but would like to start with a less expensive yarn. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Kathy, you might want to try Lions Brand Wool Ease 'Thick & Quick' that might be a nice substitute. Hope that helps! Karen


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