2 in 1 sock KAL part 2

 The next step in our 2 in 1 sock adventure is to combine the cast on stitches from the 2 needles onto 1. You want to think of the needles in terms of "A" & "B". For me the green sts will be A and the blue sts B. You want to transfer them as A, B, A, B and so on until all stitches in my case 104 are on one needle. I find it helpful to transfer them onto a needle one size smaller if they feel on the tight side. The less you have to struggle the better.

The stitches should look like this after transferring them all:

You then want to divide the stitches evenly onto 3 DPN's. You could skip transferring them onto 1 needle and go straight to transferring them to 3 but I find it less confusing when starting to get them all onto one needle and then divide them.

You want an even amount of stitches on each needle. 

I'm not a huge fan of these dark brown needles only because it's hard to see the stitches when it's a section of dark yarn.

Now to join. I'm not going to do anything fancy to join, I'm just going to start knitting. The yarn to knit the 1st stitch on the L needle comes from the 2nd to the last stitch on the R needle so the brown strand with the green stitch. Knit in the usual way.

Then holding the brown yarn in front as you can see my thumb is holding the brown yarn go into the next stitch on the L needle, the blue stitch and...

K in the usual way.

The first stitch is the outer sock, the 2nd stitch the inner sock. To keep the socks from attaching when working the inner sock you have to always put the strand for the outer sock in front of the needles as shown in the last 2 photographs. Repeat working the stitches in this manner 1 time around the 3 needles and stop.

Now this next shot, see if you notice anything particular towards the bottom of the L needle...

That's right! It broke! I was just going into the 4th stitch when it snapped on me! Not a pretty sight.

It had been one of those days too. The camera batteries were dying, I made 4 videos to show joining and working the first 2 rounds in Continental & English and upon viewing all were bad technical difficulties ie sticky little finger prints all over the lens and as you can see my working needle was a totally different needle because I lost 2 of the 5 brown ones. I don't even think it was a knitting needle, the point was horrible! I was happy to be through with those brown ones but I didn't have any other #1's, so I went down to #0's but it looked too small, so I've recast on with #2's, same amount of stitches and got one round complete before I had to finish for the day.

For the Estonian Cast on they traditionally knit 1 round then purl 1 round before going onto whatever cuff treatment they want. The sock I'm making is going to have a roll cuff so no ribbing. I wanted to keep it simple. I did a video to show the purl round so I'll reshoot those tomorrow and put them in this post tomorrow as well. I'll talk about making a ribbed cuff although I won't be showing it.

So for those who want to start: transfer your stitches, put them onto 3 DPN's, work one round and stop. Then tomorrow I'll post videos of joining and working one round in both K & P; English & Continental.

I have read where you can knit 2 separate cuffs before putting one cuff inside the other and transferring all the stitches in A, B, A, B fashion on one set of DPN's. I haven't tried this yet because I really wanted to have it be 2 in 1 from the beginning but if you're having trouble why not try it?!


  1. This is so cool! Your photos and directions are wonderful.


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