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Just checking in to see how it's going. As you can see I'm a little further along and I'm loving this color combo from Misti #HS19.

I posted new videos yesterday in the previous post that I think are better to see what's going on. If anyone has started and feels like sharing please do! I know my sister said she started about 80 times and finally had to chuck the 0's. And when she saw me doing the sample for the videos with a heavier worsted/bulky I think she may have changed her yarn/needle combination.... whatever keeps you going right?!

If anytime during the process you want to send photos I'll post them.


  1. I'm with your sister, I'm afraid. I have started 16 million times and never gotten beyond the first two rows. It's not the fault of the directions, strictly user error! One time I'd thought I'd finally gotten it, reached almost the end of the second round and...I was knitting with the tail! Sheesh, such a rookie mistake! I'm so determined now, I must.get.this. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. I hate when I knit with the tail! Good to hear you are undeterred! Just tonight my sister was saying the same thing, that she's determined to get it. Once you do it really clicks, you're looking at it and it all makes sense. Keep me posted on your progress!

  3. Hey there Karen, this is Debbie from Chicago. I actually started these on 2's but couldn't get them to work so switched to really big needles just to see how it worked but now I actually have 2 tubes that are not connected to each other so i'm not going to redo it on tiny needles. Im just going to waiting for the next post and make slipper like socks. I'll try to send you a picture

  4. Good to hear from you Deb and that it's working out! Yes, it's so much easier to see what you're doing with bigger yarn/needles. Looking forward to the pics!


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