Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the Brioche Honeycomb Cowl

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the BagSmith's new super chunky yarn Blissa thanks Rebecca! and I am so in love with this yarn! It's an absolutely gorgeous alpaca85%/extra-fine merino10% & polyamide5% blend that has a nice loftiness to it thanks to it's crocheted tubular structure. It still has some alpaca heft but not nearly what you would expect, even at 85%. It is a pricey yarn, but if you are in the mood to spoil yourself buy some!

The minute I felt this yarn, I knew I wanted it wrapped around me and if I were a rich woman I would make a throw for every room in my house it's that sumptuous! I decided instead the next best thing would be a sweater with a nice big collar see photos below and since I had a skein left over a simple cowl.

The sweater pattern I'm still tweaking but here's the cowl inspired by my Misti Brioche Honeycomb Sweater Pattern

the Brioche Honeycomb Cowl
1 skein of Blissa (130 yds) splurge you deserve it!
#17 straight or circ's
darning needle for grafting
gauge: 1.3sts in Brioche Honeycomb stitch
one size
Flat measurements: 9"x12" (23cmx30.5cm)

This cowl is worked flat in a Brioche Honeycomb stitch with 2 panels of garter stitch evenly placed. The cowl is grafted together on a garter stitch row although if you don't know how to graft or want to avoid it use a 3 needle BO or sew it together.

Brioche Honeycomb stitch:
Multiples of 2
Row 1: K
Row 2: K
Row 3: (RS of work): * K1, K1B *
Row 4: * With the right hand needle K the sl st of the previous row with the st above it, K1*
Row 5: * K1 B, K1 *
Row 6: * K1, K the next st with the yarn as row 4 *
Rep rows 3-6
K1B aka double stitch: insert the right needle through the center of the stitch below the next stitch to be knit so that both are knit at the same time. The “sl stitch” in row 4 refers to the stitch that “slips” out of the loop when you knit the stitch below it.

this image shows knitting into the st below

this image shows going under the sl st (WS) to knit together w/ st on the needle

Using a provisional (invisible) cast on, cast on 16sts and work in Brioche Honeycomb pattern for 10" (25.5cm) slipping the 1st st of every row. (Slipping the 1st stitch of every row although not necessary will give a nice clean edge. If slipping the 1st st of every row, K the last stitch of every row to maintain the stitch pattern. If not slipping the 1st st work the Brioche Honeycomb stitch across all 16 sts).
Work Garter stitch (k every row) for 6 rows.
Continue with Brioche Honeycomb stitch from Row 3 of stitch pattern for 10" (25.5cm)
Work 2 rows of Garter stitch. 
Pick up stitches from the invisible cast on and graft together (or 3 needle BO) with last Garter stitch row.
Weave in ends.

the stitch looks like this when knit up 

but is worn like this

Here's the Trellis Collar Sweater. I should have the pattern posted in the next couple of weeks. This is a hard one to take off because you feel so wonderful wearing it!

And last but not least, Happy Birthday to my baby! 2 years goes by too quickly!

Friday, February 18, 2011

top down raglan for the babes

If you've never made a sweater for a baby and if you've never tried a top down sweater in a raglan style by far the easiest is the combination of both. And once you've done one raglan baby sweater you can pretty much mindlessly do many more if you're so inclined. 

The sweater in the above photos was made using the pattern for Wilhelmina's Baby Sweater though I started with a 1x1 rib for a higher turtle neck and did a deep 1x1 rib on the sleeves and body. The pattern for the baby sweater is sized 9-12 months. Wilhelmina is now 3 and a half but wears clothes for a 5yo I didn't have to adjust the pattern much and therein lies the beauty of top down. I started with the same amount of stitches but kept knitting past where the pattern says to stop to separate the sleeves from the body, had her try it on and went from there.

This one I adjusted for chunky yarn (left overs from other projects...these sweaters don't take much) and a wide roll neck. I guessed for the amount of stitches to cast on and had her try it on after a few rounds. After that you can pretty much eyeball it. Kids clothes are a lot more forgiving in that way especially in a top down raglan style. I wouldn't necessarily want this boxy style for myself but it sure looks cute on the wee ones.


The head band was a neck warmer they used to wear when they were babies that is the same amount of stitches and the same stitch pattern cast on for the mock turtleneck of Wilhelmina's Baby Sweater.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Techniques Workshops

If you live in the Los Angeles area and want to hone your knitting skills join me at The Little Knittery the last Saturday of the month 12:30-3:00 for an ongoing techniques workshop. 

Starting March 26th with all things Kitchener: cast on, bind off and the kitchener stitch (grafting) will be covered in this class.