Thursday, March 22, 2012

the Openwork Kimono

Finally! Do I seem to say that every other post? It feels like it! I first showed the Openwork Kimono at my Little Knittery trunk show way back in December. It took me awhile to get it together for this piece but happily here it is!

This, like the Openwork Bolero was inspired by this stitch pattern's swatch I had draped on my dress form. Also on my mind was the Misti Brioche Honeycomb Sweater. I've wanted to make that into a cardigan/kimono for some time but really wanted something new for the show.

It's a one size fits most with easy adjustments noted in the pattern for petite and large. I used #19 needles (24"-32") with 2.5(3) skeins of Magnum (123yds each) by Cascade in the main color and for the contrasting waistband @60yds or half a skein of Magnum. If making it one color 3(3.5) skeins are needed.

I would rate this as a quick and easy pattern for an intermediate knitter but more of a challenge for a beginning knitter since I've manipulated this particular openwork pattern a bit to where I think it might throw off someone not solid in their skills.

Pattern available as a PDF download. $6.50

Next I wanted to share a couple of pieces I made a few years back when I had my yarn shop in Chicago. 

These were made with Eden by Madil a beautiful bamboo yarn and #5 needles. Yes, I know hard to believe with all my chunky knits! 

I do love the way a fine gauge knit looks and I would love to be able to say I have a couple of these as my next patterns but who has the time?! Look how long it took me to get the Kimono pattern posted!

I will have a few spring/summer patterns I'll post soon (2 I'm hoping within the next month) but nothing with smaller than a #15 needle. Maybe if I start now I'll have it together by next year!