Magnum Capelet #2 or the Beehive

Another top down 1 skein "make it tonight, wear it tomorrow" wonder 

1 skein of Cascade Magnum
#19 24" circular needle
Gauge: 1.5sts = 1"

Available as a PDF download. $6.50


  1. I think this might be on my list next! It was a real toss up between this on and the vest!

  2. Such a great pattern. Thank you so much for sharing your talents. So far, I've made three of these, two for friends and one for me (added a little funnelneck collar to one to keep out the Chicago chill) and the compliments just keep coming.

    Did I see something about a springy bind off? Could that be shared please?

    Thanks again!

  3. Thanks Ladies!

    Glad you enjoyed the pattern! I'm in the process of going through my patterns and adding the springy bind off where it would be most beneficial. But until I revise and send an updated version here goes:

    Binding off in Knit:
    YFON (yarn forward over the needle), K1, Pass YFON over K1 (1 st on the needle). * YFON, K1, insert the L hand needle into the YFON and last K st on the R needle, pass over the first K on R needle; 1 st on the needle. Repeat from * to end.

    Binding off in Purl:
    YO, P1, Pass YO over purl (1 st on the needle). * YO, P1, insert the L hand needle into the YO and last P st on the R needle, pass over the first P on R needle; 1 st on the needle. Repeat from * to end.

    Think of it as doing a traditional bind off only you're working a YO or a YFON between each stitch as you bind off.

    Thanks again for the compliments! I appreciate the feedback!

  4. This is beautiful. What size range will it work for? I'm a plus size.

    1. Hi Lee, the piece is worked top down so it's very easy to adjust by adding more increase rounds as needed. If you do end up getting the pattern I would be happy to assist you if you need help. Thanks! Karen

  5. is this pattern available in crochet?

    1. It is!
      I forgot to list it under "Crochet Patterns" will do that today. But use this link to get you to the page. :)


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