Happy Birthday Mom

 One of my favorite photos of my mom.

My mom was the kind of woman who made everything she did seem effortless. From sewing matching outfits for her 6 daughters, to painting beautiful watercolors, to making a massive donkey pinata in our dining room for our parishes Mardi Gras celebration (one of my personal favorites) everything she did was always with ease.

It was 7 years from when my mom passed until I had my own kids & I don't think I fully understood what an amazing mom she was until I too became a mom. Every day I wonder how the hell she did it and I only have 2!

My mom was a modest woman and she wasn't very sentimental so I know she wouldn't want me going on about her. It is her birthday though so a few words...  Today I'm thinking about how thankful I am to have had such a wonderful woman in my life who continues to inspire me with her artistry, her grace and her unflappable perspective to life (my favorite quote from my mom she said to my dad upon learning the house our family had just moved into had burned down & was a total loss, she's in a new town, no friends and pregnant with her 9th child, "how many people get the opportunity to start over in their life" that in a nutshell was my mom).

Happy Birthday Mom, you're greatly missed & always loved!


  1. What a beautiful photo and story! Mothers are so very precious! I, thankfully, still have my Mum, who is in her 80's! I take her out to the shops every Tuesday and cherish every moment I have with her!


  2. Oh! That made me cry!!! She was the best and I'm so thankful I had her in my life too! She would be so proud of you, Karen. You are a great reflection of her in every way!!!!
    Your big sissie, Peg

  3. what a great post!! and that photo is incredible, she looks like a stylish woman.

  4. If I could go back in time and have lunch with one person it'd be Patty!

  5. Such a lovely post Karen and such a beautiful looking woman. Somehow I think you may be a lot like her because you too seem to achieve a lot :)
    It's lovely that you have such fond memories, happy birthday to your mum!


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