summertime knits

the Bayside, a summertime pullover

Available as a PDF download $6.50

These 2 pieces were knit using a new Trendsetter cotton yarn "Rosita" sent to me by The BagSmith.

Knit using #19 needles for the pullover and #17 & #19 needles for the vest they obviously work up quickly. Both pieces are knit as one big piece then folded and joined. I obviously still have the openwork bug but it's hard to resist an open stitch pattern for summer or for hand dyed yarn.

I enjoyed working with this yarn and wish they made it in solid colors as well. I would love to have a few T-shirts made with this super soft 100% cotton. And did I mention it's not a weighty cotton? It's another yarn that is made using a woven tubular structure, but this one is loosely woven giving it a more casual look which fits in perfectly with the well washed feel of it.

I would rate these as patterns for an intermediate knitter.

the Lakeside, a summertime vest

Available as a PDF download. $6.50


  1. Karen, more great designs! I love the detailing on the vest. Very nice! And I love the texture of the pullover. I would love to try it and continue in length to make a swim suit coverup. The cotton looks yummy!

  2. How many skeins of yarn does the Bayside (summertime pullover) use? I wanted to get an idea before I buy the pattern and commit to making it. Thank you!

  3. Sure! Bayside used 5 skeins of "Rosita" regardless of size and the skeins are 55yds each; 275yds total. Lakeside used 4 skeins for S/M & 5 for L; or 220(275)yds. Hope that helps!


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