a couple updates & a bit of a change

Just a note to say I've updated a couple of patterns.
For the Magnum Capelet #4 the knit version I added a couple technique photos and for the October Vest I rewrote how to work the front panels simultaneously, hopefully making it a little easier to understand.
If you purchased this pattern but didn't receive your update please email me a copy of your receipt and I'll email it to you.

My friend Carrie just had a baby boy, Ethan and I've been debating about what to make for him. Carrie was one of my most loyal customers, part of a group of gals that came to the shop every Wednesday night when I owned Knit 1 in Chicago so I want to design something special. Another blanket? Wash clothes? A toy? Another friend suggested bibs... any ideas?

I know a couple of you have been waiting for me to finish the pattern for this red coat and I was really hoping to have the pattern finished by now. I've started helping out at my friend Annette's garden shop and it's seriously cut into my knitting time! I'm pushing for the end of September.

One more thing and I'll sign off...
Since starting at the garden shop I've become plant obsessed. It's always something I've wanted to know more about and now I have to so I decided to start another blog about plants and outdoor spaces as part of my obsession: "follies of a wanna be gardener".
Check it out & wish me luck, I'm going to need it!


  1. I'll be excited to try making the red coat once the pattern is done.
    I think a nice idea for a baby is a knit pillow with ears and a tail or something knit onto it. That way the kid doesn't outgrow it.
    Love the gardening blog!!!

  2. I'm new to your blog - but pinned one of your vests onto pinterest ages ago...I'm wondering if you can advise how I can convert one of your knitting patterns into crochet? Since I can't retain the knitting knowledge? lol! Thanks, Kerry


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