the Scrappy Triangle Scarf

I was asked months ago to design a triangle scarf/shawl using super chunky yarn and I finally got around to making it. It took about 4-5 hours total to work up... don't know what took me so long!

I kept it pretty simple using garter stitch while giving it a little interest with an eyelet row every few rows. The finished measurements for my scarf:
70"/178cm across & 28"/71cm from top to point.
Gauge: isn't too important but I had a gauge of @4sts = 4"/10cm

Trying to use up scrap yarn from my stash (hence the name) I used about 180yd/165m of Magnum by Cascade, a 60"/152cm long #19/15mm needle and 2 markers to mark either side of the center stitch.

K: knit
K2tog: knit 2 stitches together
pm: place marker
sl m: slip marker from one needle to the next
* : repeat

Here goes:

Cast on 5sts.
Row 1: [K1, yo] 2x's, pm, K1, pm, [yo, K1] 2x's
Row 2 & all even rows: K
Row 3: K1, yo, K to marker, yo, sl m, K1, sl m, yo, K to 1 stitch before the end of row, yo, K1.
Row5: K1, yo, K1 * yo, K2tog * to marker, yo, sl m, K1, sl m, yo, *K2tog, yo * to last 2sts, K1, yo, K1.
Row 6: K

Repeat below sequence to desired length:
Work Rows 3&4 [2x's]
Work Rows 5&6 once

I cast off when I had 97sts.
4 increases are made on each odd numbered row. If changing colors do so on a Row 5.
Instead of keeping track of my rows I kept track of my number of stitches for when I should work a Row 5, so when I had 13sts I worked a Row 5; 21sts work a Row 5, 29sts and so on... when the stitch count has increased by 8sts work the eyelet row.

Patterns coming up in the next couple of months:


I used a bulky cotton tape for this tank.

This is made with Knit Collage's "Stargazer Silk & Sequins."
LOVE this yarn!

#6's & Ella Rae's Lace Merino for this cute little top.

I've been asked a lot about the pattern for this one. I should have it by the end of August, beginning of September.

I know I'm missing a couple of promised ones as well, just not enough hours in the day!


  1. Love the stitch & yarn & color combo!! AND the fact it works up so quickly! Thanks for another elegant design!

  2. I love the design, but I am a petite 5 footer. How could I adjust the pattern to reduce the width/length?

    1. Hi, the way it's made you can stop any time you reach the width/length that is good for your frame since it grows in width as you make it... make sense? Hope that helps!! :) Karen

  3. just sent you a direct message, but thought it might be helpful to others to clarify instructions for the challenged knitter like I am:
    repeat sequence instructions. question: work rows 3&4 (twice) *all at once*? or work rows 3&4, then do 5&6 and come back to 3&4 to finish the sequence?
    Thanks for your help. It's a gorgeous shawl, and I bought the exact yarn recommended.

    1. Sure! You'll want to work Rows 3&4 twice THEN Rows 5&6.
      So it would read:
      Rows 3&4
      Rows 3&4
      Rows 5&6

      Hope this makes sense! :) Karen


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