Just in time for Fall...

Huge wink for that title since I'm clearly a season behind! Has summer officially ended though? If it has you couldn't tell by the weather here in LA. September has been like a blast from a furnace so there's still some mileage for these pieces.

Stargazer Stripes:

The Knit Collage yarn Stargazer Silk, a 100% silk yarn that is threaded with silver colored brass sequins is a perfect yarn for this reversible A line tank. The weight of the yarn from the combination of the sequins and the silk makes it feel quite luxurious and adds a lot of drama to a simple striped top.

Worked from the top down with simple increases, easy color changes and an i-cord for the straps this would be a good top for an advanced beginner to tackle. Sizes: S/M, L

Yarn: 3(4) skeins of Color A (black) & 2 skeins of Color B (white)
Stargazer Silk by Knit Collage
Needle: US 10.5

Available as a PDF download. $6.50

a Simple Tank
This simple tank I designed for The Little Knittery as a shop sample. Made from the bottom up (a rarity for me) with a minimum of shaping and again i-cord straps, it's another one that would be good for an advanced beginner to try. I grafted the straps to make them seamless though these could be sewn. This top has deep armholes making it a good layering piece for cooler weather.

Yarn: 3 balls of Job-Life (L302) by On Line 
Needle: US #19 24" circular.

Available as a PDF download. $6.50

Simple Girl's Top

Another simple top made for The Little Knittery. This sweet little number is a great intro to top down knitting. Raglan sleeves, a minimum of side shaping with a cute picot hem. My girls love it!

Yarn: 1 skein of Ella Rae Lace Merino
Needle: US #6 24"

Pattern available as a PDF download. $6.50

If you made it this far... 
My next pattern coming mid September will be the crochet sweater if I can bear touching it in this heat!


  1. Your little models are so dang cute!!!
    I love the Stargazer stripes and think it would even be cute longer like a baby doll dress. Ohh la la!
    The tank is awesome. I don't usually see large guage on summer items so that is a great idea. If I were younger I would make it longer for a tight cocktail dress but I think we need to skip that. I do love the idea. Hmmmm maybe a flaired skirt...
    As always, you inspire me Karen!!!

  2. What a great use of the Stargazer silk yarn. I love the bit of bling that the sequins add and it's the perfect top for hot weather. Another beautiful design Karen!
    PS..... You have THE cutest models!!


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