When you think of Los Angeles you might think of many obvious things (movie stars, palm trees, freeways) but you probably don't think of things like horses or rivers. Fortunately for me I have both in my neighborhood and I find them to be a source of inspiration.

The river around here is beautifully overgrown with many varieties of birds.

Few people realize how big of an equestrian community exists in Los Angeles with a sizable one right in my neighborhood, actually right out my sister's door. She lives in an area of my neighborhood where you can keep horses on your property and this is where I spend a good part of the day, with my girls, my sister and the horses in our neighborhood.

A Roan, Palamino & Spanish/Andalusian

Crazy to think in a major city you can have that; here I live in this sprawling city with all a city has to offer and yet every day I get to interact with these beautiful animals and have access to this wonderful river making me feel I'm not in a city at all. And while you may not see a horse inspired theme in my work (although my girls would love a cowichan style sweater with horses on it) the calmness I feel being around them & the river inspires me.

 The alleyway we walk to get to the arena & the river.

 A couple of new boys.

Valentino, such a sweetheart.

The girls with their favorites.

I  couldn't help post a pic of the roses that are in bloom from our yard. They almost look fake but they smell divine! What a treat and in November!

And finally, nothing will make you feel older than when your niece has a baby making you a great aunt! How is that great aunt sounds older than grandma or grandpa?! Anyway she had a beautiful baby boy and since I can't remember the last time I knit something for a baby boy I'm sure I'll have a new baby design in the near future!


  1. D. is envious of big girl's pony! She loves it, and misses you all. I miss you all, too, and am so glad that you have such beauty around you. (I think I am envious too...) Gwyn

  2. Oh, that makes me inspired to make a little horsey blanket for a new little guy in my life! Cool post! And great photos! What a treat to have roses in November! I look forward o the new baby design.

  3. Love the photos! And the horses, river, roses and especially my sweet adorable nieces!!!
    You're a very talented woman, little sister!!!
    Love, your big sis!

  4. Is that in LA? I live in LA and never realized there was a river here, not one that looks like that!
    Keep pumping out those great designs! I just love them!!


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