I'm in the process of cleaning house & updating patterns. I've listed the most recent updates with the changes below. If you've purchased your patterns on Ravelry or on this site you will receive an email notice of the change (maybe you already have). If you've purchased your patterns through Etsy it will take me a bit longer to go through to send the updated patterns; or you can always contact me with a copy of your receipt and I'll send the updated pattern.

For the Reversible Vest/Wrap I changed the fine print to read "OK to knit for resale". I changed all the patterns to read that a while ago, guess I overlooked this one.

Included more photos in the pattern.

Included a child's version to Capelet's #1 & #3 and expanded a bit on Capelet #2.

Finally a schematic!

Good news for this pattern! I have a couple of lovely knitters helping me with the larger size! So glad to have the help otherwise I'm afraid it would have languished forever! What do they say the road to hell is paved with?!

In other news I'm teaching a class on the Magnum Capelet #4 (the crochet version) at my local shop The Little Knittery Sunday, November 13th. If the mood strikes you call the shop to sign up. I'll have a trunk show there as well December 7th from 6-9pm (hopefully with a few new designs!).

I've also started selling patterns wholesale. If you're an interested shop email me for details.

And finally, thanks Michelle for sending me a photo of your finished Cable Rib Mittens! Love to see the completed projects!


  1. Thanks Karen! Just seeing all these great designs on one page inspired me! My next project will be the Reversible Vest. I'll send pics when I'm finished. I'll have to keep an eye out for the perfect belt to go with it. :)

  2. So much to want to do and so little time, thank goodness for bulky knits they make you feel like you've actually achieved something - quickly .)
    I've always loved your reversible wrap and the Japanese inspired cream jumper, they are just wonderful designs. Your very generous to allow sale of garments Karen - thanks !


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