Pop Up Cowl

The hardest thing about writing patterns is naming them! I asked my 8yo what I should name my latest crochet cowl and she immediately said, "Pop Up!" I asked why and she replied, "for the parts that 'pop up' from the others"... sounds good to me! :)

So here we are, my latest crochet offering... the 'Pop Up' named for the vertical columns that are formed by alternating double crochet in the front post with double crochet in the back post. Love the ribbed texture these stitches create making for a thick (but surprisingly not too dense) and warm cowl. Oh and did I mention how quickly these work up? Great gifts (that can actually be made in time!) for everyone on your list :D

1 skein Magnum by Cascade 123yds/250grams color shown here #9449 Midnight Heather
S/19mm crochet hook

Gauge: 1 stitch & 1 row = 1” of dcfp

sc: single crochet
dc: double crochet
fp: Front post
bp: back post
sts: stitches
FO: Fasten Off

Chain 26 and being careful not to twist join with a slip stitch.
Round 1: Chain 2 (counts as a stitch), either mark this stitch with a split ring or locking stitch marker OR use the tail as a visual for the beginning/end of the round. If using a marker move the marker up as you go.
dc around = 26sts
Note: Round 1 is the only round that starts the round with a Ch 2.

Round 2: *1dcfp, 1dcbp* repeat from * to * around ending with a 1dcbp in the Ch 2. 26sts

From here on work repeats of  *1dcfp, 1dcbp* until desired length or at least 9". When desired length is reached work to marker and 1scbp in the last dcbp. FO. Weave in ends.

Finished measurements: 9" x 13" 23cm x 33cm

Look for a free Knit cowl pattern in the next couple of days! 


  1. How are you connecting the first fpdc to the beginning of round 1?

    1. Hi Sarah, after completing Round 1 (of dc) I made the first round of fpdc into the chain 2 (beginning of Round 1). I found that if I tried to work the rounds as you might normally do by chaining first to build up the round and then continuing with fpdc, that doing that left a hole, so without interruption I kept alternating fpdc & bpdc... does that make sense? Hope so, let me know! Karen

  2. Is the round of 26 inches supposed to be large enough to fit over your head?

    1. Hi Lydia, it is :) It's the measurement of the sample shown. Hope that helps! Karen


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