the Cadena Cowl

Sometimes you need a break from the project you're working on, but you don't necessarily want a break from the stitch pattern. I'm in the middle of a sweater design that incorporates these two stitch patterns: a basic 1x1 rib and the Woven Basket Stitch a beautifully textured crossed stitch pattern that creates a nice thick fabric, perfect for keeping warm whether in a blanket, sweater or a cowl. I wanted a break from the smaller needles though and wanted to cast on and bind off on the same night :)

A note on this stitch pattern: if you can work this stitch as a Combination Knitter it will make the knit row so much easier! You can check out 'combination knitting' on youtube but basically what you are doing is picking or throwing your purls in the opposite direction so your knit stitch sits backwards. I learned how to knit this way and didn't realize there was any other way for years! But then my mom and sisters all knit this way and really until I got into some serious knitting it never posed a problem. So if you want to throw in a little challenge try it, always good to add more skills to your arsenal  ;)

the Cadena Cowl


2 skeins Cadena l by Illimani Yarn 49yds/100gs each. Color shown here #85 'Sand'
US19 (15mm) for Woven Basket Stitch
US15 (10mm) for ribbing
Darning Needle for finishing.

2sts & 2 rows = 1" in Woven Basket Stitch

Woven Basket Stitch:
Multiple of 2
Row 1: * pass the right hand needle behind the first stitch, k the second st, k the first stitch *
Row 2: P1 * p the second stitch, p the first stitch * p1

Finished measurements: 21.25" x 10"  53.5cm x 25.5cm before sewing together.

With the smaller needle cast on 54 stitches.
Row 1: K1 *k1, p1* k1
Row 2: P1 *k1, p1* p1
Work these 2 rows of Ribbing two more times. 4 rows total of ribbing.

Switch to the larger needle and begin Woven Basket Stitch

Row 1: K1 * pass the right hand needle behind the first stitch, k the second st, k the first stitch * k1
Row 2: P2 * p the second stitch, p the first stitch * p1
Repeat the 2 rows of the Woven Basket Stitch 7x's. Work one more Row 1 then switch back to the smaller needle and work the last Row 2 of pattern.
Begin Ribbing as established in the first 4 rows and work for 4 rows. 
Bind off, sew the short edges together, weave in ends and enjoy!


  1. Another free offering? How do you do it? This is GORGEOUS!!! Can't wait to make a lot of these cowls as xmas gifts!!!

    1. Haha thanks! Hope you enjoy making them! Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Thank you for this beautiful cowl pattern. What a perfect gift idea that can be easily made!

  3. Could This be worked in the round?

    1. Hi Ms. J, I haven't tried it. I prefer working this stitch as a 'combination knitter' meaning I make my purl stitch backwards so the knit row is easier and if I worked it in the round I couldn't do that. As much as I don't like to seam things I haven't tried it circularly. Hope that helps! :)


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